Jeopardy! and Philosophy

Jeopardy! and Philosophy

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Since its debut in 1964, Jeopardy! has been one of Americaa€™s favorite and longest-running daytime quiz shows. It turns the question-answer format of traditional quiz shows on its head and requires contestants to pose correct questions to answers in selected categories. While mining information and facts from Alchemy to Zoology, Jeopardy!, is a uniquely intellectual, erudite, and challenging daytime television program. Far beyond entertaining its fans with nail-biting contests of knowledge, memory, and speed, it all but requires them to participate. Few people watch Jeopardy! without pressing an invisible button and blurting out questions to their TV screen. Because of this personal and intellectual investment, most Jeopardy! fans are devout. Watching the show is valued as a daily ritual in which genuine intellectual skill and encyclopedic knowledge (as opposed to thin Hollywood depictions such as those in Big Bang Theory or Rain Man) are not only respected and placed in the spotlight, but also rewarded with national prestige and prize winnings. Champion Ken Jennings (who contributes to this volume) has won over three million dollars and remained champion seventy-four times. For those who embrace Jeopardy! as an intellectual oasis in the arid desert of popular culture, it is the geeks who shall inherit the earth. Jeopardy!a€™s celebration of intellect and forward-thinking is well recognized throughout popular culture and among all age groups. Ken Jennings, Chuck Forrest, and other all-time champions are near celebrities, while the show itself regularly reaches out through special tournaments to different segments of American culture, such as actors and musicians (Celebrity Jeopardy!), high-school and college students (Teen Tournament and College Championship Jeopardy!) and senior citizens (Senior Tournament Jeopardy!). Still, despite its widespread respect and, some might complain, smug self-respect, neither the show nor its fans take themselves too seriously. Jokes about host Alex Trebeka€™s hair and famous parodies of Jeopardy! on Saturday Night Live are as familiar as Weird Al Yankovica€™s MTV-mainstay a€œI Lost on Jeopardy!a€ (to the tune of a€œOur Lovea€™s in Jeopardya€): Don't know what I was thinkin' of, I guess I just wasn't too bright. Well, I sure hope I do better Next weekend on The Price Is Right.A Quiz Show, Some Fans, and a Lot of Fun: What Is Jeopardy! and Philosophy? ... Royalty, presidents, movie stars, television personalities, famous athletes, and a host of Nobel laureates have presented clues or been contestants on the show.

Title:Jeopardy! and Philosophy
Author:Shaun P. Young
Publisher:Open Court - 2013-08-21


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