Judging 'Privileged' Jews

Judging 'Privileged' Jews

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The Nazis' persecution of the Jews during the Holocaust included the creation of prisoner hierarchies that forced victims to cooperate with their persecutors. Many in the camps and ghettos came to hold so-called qprivilegedq positions, and their behavior has often been judged as self-serving and harmful to fellow inmates. Such controversial figures constitute an intrinsically important, frequently misunderstood, and often taboo aspect of the Holocaust. Drawing on Primo Levi's concept of the qgrey zone, q this study analyzes the passing of moral judgment on qprivilegedq Jews as represented by writers, such as Raul Hilberg, and in films, including Claude Lanzmann's Shoah and Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List. Negotiating the problems and potentialities of qrepresenting the unrepresentable, q this book engages with issues that are fundamental to present-day attempts to understand the Holocaust and deeply relevant to reflections on human nature.one of his last essays, which was first presented at an academic conference on the grey zone, Raul Hilberg emphasizes the inevitable ... at fiction films dealing with the Holocaust, particularly Steven Spielberga#39;s Schindlera#39;s List (1993) and Roberto Benignia#39;s Life Is Beautiful (1998), with ... had a significant impact on collective memories of the war and for this reason alone is an important topic of discussion.

Title:Judging 'Privileged' Jews
Author:Adam Brown
Publisher:Berghahn Books - 2013-07-15


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