Jumpstart! French and German

Jumpstart! French and German

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Jumpstart! French and German presents a collection of simple to use, multi-sensory games and activities that will jumpstart studentsa€™ understanding of modern languages in action. If you are one of the thousands of teachers looking for a range of practical and fun ideas to teach languages engagingly, then this is the perfect book for you. The book opens with a range of innovative ideas to help you set the scene in your language classroom. These are followed by a feast of short and simple activities designed to help you make quick starts with your students and hold their attention. The focus throughout is on communicative action, bringing languages alive with all activities presented in two languages: French and German. Specifically written to help teachers work within the guidelines of the new curriculum, activities in the book will help pupils to:- a€c Listen, respond and understand key elements of the target language a€c Speak in phrases and sentences with appropriate pronunciation a€c Express and communicate simple ideas with clarity a€c Write phrases and short sentences a€c Develop an understanding of basic grammar a€c Learn songs and simple poems in the language studied a€c Engage in active learning through a range of varied activities. Jumpstart! French and German celebrates the joys of language and will help you to find just the right words or phrases to express what you want to say.Impromptu songs It is also easy to make up a song on the spot as part of your lesson. ... the words in the usual ways (see Chapter 2, a#39;Using Flashcardsa#39; for examples) and then hum the tune you want to use, inviting the children to hum with you.

Title:Jumpstart! French and German
Author:Catherine Watts, Hilary Phillips
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-02-05


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