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I know, as she would tell me her philosophy at the kitchen table that it was her covenant with God to live as well as she could. She lived it with a capital a€œI, a€ even if it meant sprinkling your lawn in 15 minute increments because you couldna€™t stay on your feet any longer. She never complained and she never acted like a martyr either. It was another adventure and change; one of millions of changes that she had been through in her life that would have stopped most of us cold. I know she was given a gift of seizing the situation and always coming out with positive thinking. She knew how to work her life around it. That inspired all of us. She taught me many things about this. She taught me how one can grow old without fear. How one can grow old with absolute joy. Juttaa€™s daughter-in-law, LouiseHer credit was great and she had no problem in obtaining a loan from Western Savings and Loan. ... There was no stove in the kitchen and she didna#39;t have the money to buy one. ... dried all her clothes on the clothesline before she bought a dryer and then replaced the washer with another of her beloved maytag appliances.

Author:Hermann A. Peine
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-04-25


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