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This is a story of friendship, betrayal and retribution. We follow the fortunes of Ahmed Taseer, a boy from an isolated mountain village in Afghanistan. When a close friend is orphaned and seized by the Taliban to become a suicide bomber, Ahmed and his friend Haziz retaliate. Kafiristan explores how opposition to radical religion and narcissistic power can trigger events that can take a boy to the other side of the world. In Australia, Ahmed navigates the fate of asylum seekers, assimilates into a foreign culture and becomes a man. He questions ingrained religious perceptions and finds that his past must be resolved before he can embrace his new life.The mullah told the gathering these boys had been selected to show the senior Taliban Commander how ready they ... with a complete suicide vest that could be triggered manually or remotely through a coded signal from a mobile phone.

Author:Ross Howard
Publisher:Interactive Publications Pty Ltd - 2014-10-22


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