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Translated literally as qWar Speak, q Kriegsprache is a glossary of WWII German military and period specific words, phrases, abbreviations, and Landser slang. Over 7, 000 abbreviations and more than 17, 500 words and phrases have been collected to aid the student, historian, and researcher in translating and understanding German documents, letters, and reports from WWII.This group would also give aid to unmarried mothers which gave rise to the rumors of it being a stud-farm for the SS. ... Portion Leckarbeitsgruppe {f}(L.A.) A shipboard repair party Lecksich I. Lecksicherungsingenieur Lecksicherungsingenieur {m}(Lecksich I.) Damage control officer aboard ship Leckwehr ... Ltr.) Chief instructor Lehrgeschwader {n}(L.G., LG) Luftwaffe instruction squadron lei. leicht(e) lei.

Author:Thomas Houlihan - 2009-04-01


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