Language, Culture, and Teaching

Language, Culture, and Teaching

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Tremendous cultural and linguistic diversity is evident in our schools today. This text by one of today's best-known and most highly respected multicultural educators presents examples of real-life dilemmas about diversity that teachers will face in their own classrooms; ideas about how language, culture, and teaching are linked; and ways to engage with these ideas through reflection and collaborative inquiry. A thoughtful integration of articles and book chapters published by Dr.Nieto along with creative pedagogical features, Language, Culture, and Teaching: Critical Perspectives for a New Century: *explores how language and culture are connected to teaching and learning in educational contexts; *examines the sociocultural and sociopolitical contexts of language and culture to understand how they may affect student learning and achievement; *analyzes the implications of linguistic and cultural diversity for school reform and educational equity; *encourages critical reflection on classroom practices related to linguistic and cultural diversity; and * offers in each chapter critical questions to help readers build on the knowledge they have gained by analyzing the concepts further; classroom activities that provide suggestions for applying what they have learned to their own teaching context; and community activities suggesting projects beyond the classroom context, in settings ranging from the school or district to the state or national level.New times deserve new textbooks that engage teachers in viewing students' cultural and linguistic differences in a more hopeful and critical way, and in changing classroom practices and school policies to promote the learning of all students. Although no easy answers are available to fix the problems and uncertainties teachers encounter every day, there are thoughtful ways to address them that respect teachers' and other educators' professionalism, honor the iIDENTITY. AND. BELONGING. One might well ask what a studenta#39;s identity has to do with learning. After all, isna#39;t learning neutral with respect to studentsa#39; ... As much as we may resist the idea, studentsa#39; identities play a role in whether they are welcomed or rejected as learners in our schools. ... Chapter 4 On Becoming American: An Exploratory Essay INTRODUCTION The 101 Part II: Identity and Belonging.

Title:Language, Culture, and Teaching
Author:Sonia Nieto
Publisher:Routledge - 2001-08-01


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