Larry Tyler and the Planet Buksdahuda

Larry Tyler and the Planet Buksdahuda

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qLarry Tyler and the Planet Buksdahudaq is an qout of this worldq adventure involving eight young boys abducted from their homes on Earth and taken to Planet Buksdahuda. Used by their hudian captors for experimental purposes and as slaves, some had been prisoners for years until Larry Tyler, the latest arrival, rallied them to fight for their freedom. A born leader, Larry noted their personalities, strengths and weaknesses and used those traits to form a brotherhood as they planned their escape and to foil the hudians' quest of invading Planet Earth. Through teamwork and trust, they learn more of one another and of themselves as they run for their lives in the hostile terrain of Buksdahuda. Share their story of determination, compassion, successes, and failures in their attempt to find their way home, bound in friendship, forever.The key Mark carried to gain access to the computers to reprogram them would be changed, as well as the computer codes to the remote Issac was probably carrying. An armed guard would be on duty every 225 Day 21 a€“ Surviving in theanbsp;...

Title:Larry Tyler and the Planet Buksdahuda
Author:Lawrence R. Pefferly
Publisher:Lawrence Pefferly - 2007-10-01


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