Learn or Die: 21st Century Community Learning

Learn or Die: 21st Century Community Learning

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There are prevailing paradoxes which must be resolved if we are to advance an educational system worthy of 21st century citizens. A paradox is an apparently contradictory statement which may be true however great the contradiction. Somehow, we have to resolve these contradictions if we are to move forward. a€œWe assume that all can learn, but all do not learn at the same pace and in the same way. Yet, we want everyone to complete schooling at the same time or be judged a failurea€ (Indiana University Dean of Education, Howard Mehlinger, Retired). During the advent years of the July 4th 2026 Birthday Celebration of The Declaration of Independence, the paradoxes blocking our democratic institutions of learning have not been resolved. The Institute for 21st Century Learning has used in the preparation of LEARN OR DIE a community of national scholars, each having their own insights, yet the knowledge and skill attributes necessary for addressing todaya€™s paradox barriers: Qualitative Action Research; The New Global Economy; The New Urbanism; The New University; Complex Systems Evaluation; 21st Century Leadership; Vision-Based Community Development; and Citizensa€™ Community Connections and the Transformation of Community Schools. Is the American Revolution still alive?Second, we are not looking deep enough into the realities confronting todaya#39;s communities. What the 2010 ... Just moving everything faster and justintime by employing stateoftheart information technologies does not address the problem. Third ... This phrase, a€œAssessment of the Situationa€, is military talk associated with strategies for winning wars. The Assessment of the Situation is a G2 function. A G2, the.

Title:Learn or Die: 21st Century Community Learning
Author:John Andrew Harrold, George Stuckey, America's 21st century National Road Scholars
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing -


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