Lectures on the Ancient History of India from

Lectures on the Ancient History of India from

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These are a series of 3 lectures deliveraly by D.R. Bhandarkar as Carnichevel professor on the ancient history of India from BC 650 to BC 325 c the pre-maurian period) Lecture I discusses the Aryan colonization of Southern India and Ceylon. Lecture II discuss the political history of the selected period and Lecture 3, which is divided into 2 parts deals with the administrative history; part (a) deals with the history of the literature bearing upon the science and art of governance and parts (b) is on the actual practices and administration prevalent in this period.service to the people. This is the view not only of Kautilya and the Santi-Parvah but also of the authorities on the Dharmasa#39;astra. Baudhayana e. ff. who nourished in the fifth century B. C. says, shcia#39;l-bhaga-bhrito raja rnksliet prajam, aquot;Let theanbsp;...

Title:Lectures on the Ancient History of India from
Author:D. R. Bhandarkar
Publisher:Asian Educational Services - 1994-01-01


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