Lee and Gaensslen's Advances in Fingerprint Technology, Third Edition

Lee and Gaensslen's Advances in Fingerprint Technology, Third Edition

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Reflecting new discoveries in fingerprint science, Lee and Gaensslena€™s Advances in Fingerprint Technology, Third Edition has been completely updated with new material and nearly double the references contained in the previous edition. The book begins with a detailed review of current, widely used development techniques, as well as some older, historical methods. Next, it describes more recent advances as well as novel, emerging technologies that have just begun to reach maturity. Highlights in this edition include: Comprehensive details about work performed by the UK Home Office on the use of powders and brushes Advances in the area of blood reagents, and the transition from previously carcinogenic peroxidase reagents to new and safer protein staining methods The vacuum metal deposition technique The cyanoacrylate fuming process An update on ninhydrin analogs Emerging trends in print development using nanotechnology Latent print recovery and decontamination at scenes tainted by chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive materials A model for quantitatively interpreting and assessing minutiae in a print Methods for digital and chemical imaging of latent prints With contributions by a renowned group of leading forensic scientists and criminalistics experts, this valuable work presents the latest progress in fingerprint technologies, comparison, and identification.Imaging. Update. Publication. No.. 26/2003, . Home. Office. Police. Scientific. Development. Branch. . 19..Phillips ... 27..Hardwick.SA..(1981).User.guide.to. physical.developera€”a.reagent.for.detecting.latent.finger- prints..User.Guide.No.. 14/81, .

Title:Lee and Gaensslen's Advances in Fingerprint Technology, Third Edition
Author:Robert Ramotowski
Publisher:CRC Press - 2012-10-18


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