Let s Swich On ! Inglés para Electricidad y Electrónica

Let s Swich On ! Inglés para Electricidad y Electrónica

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Let's Switch On! is a new method specifically tailored to the needs of students studying Ciclos Formativos de la familia profesional de Electricidad y ElectrA³nica. This course provides students with basic and necessary English to enable them to develop in today's professional world. The content of the book follows the academic syllabus of these studies and adapts to the self-reflexive demand of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. In Let's Switch On! students can practice both the receptive and productive skills of the foreign language: listening, reading, writing and speaking, through up-to-date readings and motivating meaningful activities. Grammar and Vocabulary exercises are all included in the student's book so that students can use it as a workbook too. Apart from individual and group class work, students will also be required to work in teams to search for extra information in order to expand their knowledge (projects, handling helpful websites, etc.). Special emphasis is placed on developing oral skills, as communication will be crucial in the professional development of our students. Key features include: a€c Varied topics related to Electricity and Electronics. a€c Extensive specific vocabulary work. a€c Basic grammar coverage and review charts. a€c Listening materials. a€c Communicative speaking activities. a€c Interesting reading texts from different sources. a€c Varied writing practice. a€c Self-assessment sections in every unit. a€c Warm-up and Just for fun sections. The teacher's book is a helpful and flexible guide for teachers which includes teaching notes, suggestions for class work, solutions to the exercises and extra materials as well as unit, term and end of year tests for two different levels of difficulty. All the listening files of the student's book are available at www.paraninfo.es.This ring looks like any other silver ring, but in the interior of the ring are electronics that enable the ring to recognize finger gestures ... You can also access various apps by just drawing their forms in the air. It can be used as a regulator for televisions or lights in smart homes. ... You can save and share interactive notes to your computer, iPad or iPhone via a micro-USB connector that also allows you toanbsp;...

Title:Let s Swich On ! Inglés para Electricidad y Electrónica
Publisher:Ediciones Paraninfo, S.A. - 2015


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