Letters From Lotusland

Letters From Lotusland

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Ian Whitcomb, One Hit Wonder British Invader of the 1960s and teen heart-throb, never went home. Instead he tried to settle down in Los Angeles County where, over the years, he produced a Grammy-winning CD, wrote songs for movies, auditioned for butler roles in TV commercials, had and lost dogs, married successfully, and continued to play his ukulele as the ship went down. Now the entire soap opera (1996--2008), roped together in hard copy with appropriate photos, can be relished as a roller coaster of self-pity, vaunting and failed ambition, jealousy, bathos and pathos, culminating in a Big Dream. In other words, this is a comedy book. Mainline Show Biz may have passed Whitcomb by but here in these precious pages he creates his own world of heroes and villains with himself as King in order to get sweet revenge through the twisted lingo of his India rubber sword.OCTOBER A few days ago I was driving my elderly Honda Accord on the freeway when some thoughts, flitting like birds across my sky, ... Pontius Pilate to my friend, Will Ryana#39;s Judas Iscariot, in a Crucifixion radio play for worldwide broadcast (including Bechuanaland). ... all made jokes in between takes; outside, in Burbanka#39;s harsh streets, security fences and spotlights warned graffiti artists to stay away.

Title:Letters From Lotusland
Author:ian Whitcomb
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2010-02


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