Liar, Liar

Liar, Liar

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Ever suspected your husband has had his hand up someone else's skirt? Call the Pants on Fire Detective Agency (qWe Catch Liars and Cheats!q) to investigate the love rat in your life. Join the fabulous Cat DeLuca, avenging all cheated upon women, in this comic new crime series. THE PANTS ON FIRE DETECTIVE AGENCY: Cat DeLuca's short, stormy marriage was a crash course in infidelity - his, not hers. But two years of unholy matrimony taught her everything she needed to know to launch the Pants On Fire Detective Agency. Now armed with spy glasses, camera, chocolate and a beagle named Inga, Cat specializes in avenging-all-cheated-upon-women. LIAR, LIAR: Cat seems to be on the trail of an innocent man. Too good to be true? As it turns out, yes. Her suave and seriously handsome target isn't even married. And when he disappears, Cat starts investigating the woman who hired her. It transpires her client was journalist for the local paper, but when Cat tracks her to her apartment, she finds her original target - the seriously handsome non-husband - standing over the journalist's dead body...We parked next tohis Suburban and waited an agonizing fortyfour minutes for him to exit the building. It took Max fortyone minutes to cool downand put his gunaway. Harryunlocked the ... a€œOkaybut ita#39;s a tracfone. It wona#39;thelp you. Ca#39;mon Cat.

Title:Liar, Liar
Author:K.J. Larsen
Publisher:Head of Zeus - 2012-12-06


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