Life Rules

Life Rules

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WHY SO MUCH IS GOING WRONG EVERYWHERE AT ONCE AND HOW LIFE TEACHES US TO FIX IT qThere are no easy answers to the present challenge of overcoming the obstacles to the survival of our species, but LaConte's book offers the wisdom we need to face up to it.q --James Robertson, Founder, new economics foundation, and author of qFuture Money; Future Work; Future Wealthq qThis book succeeds in being both comprehensive and inspiring in its diagnosis and prescription.q -- Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow, Post Carbon Institute, and author of qThe End of Growthq In much the same way HIV ravages the human body, the global economy has ravaged the planet triggering a Critical Mass of economic and climate instability, collapsing ecosystems, peak fossil fuels and devastating resource wars. Life Rules offers a comprehensive analysis of our present circumstances combined with a holistic treatment protocol for restoring health to vulnerable human and natural communities. Author Ellen LaConte identifies natural laws that have allowed non-human communities to thrive and prosper for several billion years, including: - Local self-reliance - Mutual interdependence - Reliance on non-fossil sources of energy - Resource conservation, sharing and recycling - Co-operation and co-intelligence - Radically democratic self-organization and governance. This sobering yet essentially optimistic manifesto is required reading for anyone concerned about our ability to live well and also within Earth's means. A powerful tool for community transition and cultural transformation, Life Rules offers a solution to our global challenges that is at once authentically hopeful, deeply inspiring and profoundly liberating. qIf there were someone with authority to require all candidates for high public office to read certain books in preparation for the responsibilities they aspire to undertake, Ellen LaConte's Life Rules should be high on the list of urgently required reading.q -- William R. Catton, Jr., author of qOvershootq Life Rules qis a tour de force and a book to carry with you in the years to come.q-- Chellis Glendinning, author of qMy Name Is Chellis and I'm in Recovery from Western Civilizationq Ellen LaConte is Acting Director of the EarthWalk Alliance, a contributing editor to Green Horizon Magazine and The Ecozoic, a frequent talk show guest, and publisher of Starting Point online newsletter. She has written two books about Helen and Scott Nearing, homesteaders and bestselling authors of Living the Good Life, and she is the author of the upcoming environmental novel, Afton.Cited in Bill 6, 2010 of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Canada. a€œAn act to ... A TOES Book/TheBootstrap Press, 1990 ... Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition. Evolver, 2011, Kindle edition, Introduction. 12.

Title:Life Rules
Author:Ellen LaConte
Publisher:New Society Publishers - 2013-10-18


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