Like Catching Water in a Net

Like Catching Water in a Net

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National Best Books 2007 Award-Winner in Religion qInsightful, imaginative, and provocative! Val Webb's new book has freed the Divine from the religious. A striking achievement.q-John Shelby Spong, author of Jesus for the Non-Religious In Like Catching Water in a Net, Val Webb is not out to prove the existence of a God or the Divine, but to set out intuitions or intimations of the Divine nature and attributes from the stories and literature of the world's religions. Casting her net more widely than Karen Armstrong in The History of God or Jack Miles in God: A Biography, Webb delves deeply into the poetry and sayings of Sufi, Buddhist, and Hindu mystics, the nature religion of the ancient Mesopotamians, their kin the Israelites, and the Aboriginal people of her own beloved Australia.and the Enlightenmenta#39;s famous son Immanuel Kant (1724a€”1804) differ only in the form and intensity of their questions and answers, and when the a€œwhya€ questions include Who or What is greater than us, does Something pull the puppetanbsp;...

Title:Like Catching Water in a Net
Author:Val Webb
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing USA - 2008-01-12


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