Linear ICs and Applications

Linear ICs and Applications

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Op-amps as A.C. Amplifier Capacitor coupled voltage follower, High Zin capacitor coupled voltage follower, Capacitor coupled non-inverting amplifier, High Zin capacitor coupled non-inverting amplifier, Capacitor coupled inverting amplifier, Setting upper cutoff frequency, Capacitor coupled difference amplifier and use of single polarity supply. Op-amps Frequency Response and Compensation Op-amp circuits stability, Frequency and phase response, Frequency compensating methods, Manufacturer's recommended compensation, Op-amp circuit bandwidth, Slew rate effects, Stray capacitance effects, Load capacitance effects, Zin mod compensation, Circuit stability precautions. Signal Processing Circuits Precision half wave and full wave rectifiers, Limiting circuits, Clamping circuits, Peak detectors, Sample a hold circuit. Op-amps and Nonlinear Circuits Op-amps in switching circuits, Crossing detectors, Inverting Schmitt trigger circuits, Non-inverting Schmitt circuits, Astable multivibrator, and monostable multivibrator. Signal Generator Triangular/Rectangular wave generator, Waveform generator design, Phase shift oscillator, Oscillator amplitude stabilization, Wein bridge oscillator, Signal generators output controllers. Active Filters First and second order high pass and low pass filters, Band pass filter, Band stop filter. Specialized IC Applications Universal active filter, Switched capacitor filter, Phase locked loops, Power amplifiers. D.C. Voltage Regulators Voltage regulators basics, Voltage follower regulator adjustable output regulator, Precision voltage regulators, and integrated circuit voltage regulators.The square wave input is applied to the circuit. The frequency ... The typical value of the slew rate for IC 741 op-amp is 0.5 V/usec, ideally it should be infinite. ... 1.10.1 Pin Diagram The IC 741 is 8 pin IC available in dual in line package (DIP).

Title:Linear ICs and Applications
Author:U.A.Bakshi, A.P.Godse
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2009-01-01


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