Listening Ear Trainer - User's Manual (v1.06)

Listening Ear Trainer - User's Manual (v1.06)

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To train your ear, one must learn to distinguish sounds. Acquiring Perfect Pitch requires in addition to remember pitches. In early childhood we collect the vast part of our relevant sound memory by imitating the sounds with our vocal cords. However, our brain doesn't stop there. At a later age we can still learn a new foreign language. Three new method's to acquire Absolute Pitch and Relative Pitch, supported by software feedback, are presented in this book. The first method, the Singing Funnel method, lets you acquire Absolute Pitch like a foreign language. The second method, the Octave Anchor Pithes method helps you to orientate yourself in the pitch realm. The last method, the Interval Overtone method, improves your interval hearing.QuickTime This software uses QuickTime from Apple Computer, Inc. On Macintosh computers this software is pre-installed, but on Windows QuickTime is not installed by ... Click a€œFree Download Nowa€ and follow the installation instructions.

Title:Listening Ear Trainer - User's Manual (v1.06)
Author:F. Rudin
Publisher:F. Rudin -


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