's Epic Book of Mind-Boggling Top 10 Lists's Epic Book of Mind-Boggling Top 10 Lists

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CRAZY-BUT-TRUE FACTS, PECULIAR OCCURRENCES, DESPICABLE CRIMES, BIZARRE RECORDS, UNBELIEVABLE CREATURES, AND MANY MORE SHOCKING ODDITIES Delving into the shocking side of pop culture, science, and history,'s Epic Book of Mind-Boggling Lists offers a wealth of fascinating reading with over 200 lists and more than 2, 000 interesting facts, including: a€cAlien Artifacts a€cCreepy Urban Legends a€cBizarre Murder Weapons a€cHorrific TV Accidents a€cOutrageous Rock Tales a€cTwisted Circus Acts a€cTerrifying Villains a€cCrazy-but-True Movie Plots a€cDirty CIA Operations a€cMonstrously Evil Babysitters a€cStrange Hamburger Facts a€cAnimal Freaks of Nature a€cMind-Blowing TechnologiesWiththe eyes of the scanners always on, as one reporter put it, a€œYou can drive, but you cana#39;t hide.a€ ... The Kinect has been the silent observer in many peoplea#39;s living roomsfor several years, and with the release of Xbox One in the fall of2013, anbsp;...'s Epic Book of Mind-Boggling Top 10 Lists
Author:Jamie Frater
Publisher:Ulysses Press - 2014-04-21


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