Logical and Philosophical Papers, 1909-13

Logical and Philosophical Papers, 1909-13

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The years covered by this volume of the Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell were among the most productive, philosophically speaking, of Russell's entire career. In addition to the papers reprinted here, he bought Principia Mathematica to its finished form and wrote The Problems of Philosophy, Theory of Knowledge and Knowledge of the External World. In October 1910 he began teaching at Cambridge, having accepted an appointment as lecturer in logic and the principles of mathematics at Trinity College for a term of five years. A year later Ludwig Wittgenstein began to attend his lectures. Within a few months he was influencing Russell's philosophical thinking as much as, or more than, Russell was influencing his.The Headnote to Paper 10 and the Introduction to this volume, as well as that to Volume 8, provide a detailed account of ... there is an absolute space and an absolute time, a position he abandoned during the writing of Theory of Knowledge.

Title:Logical and Philosophical Papers, 1909-13
Author:Bertrand Russell, John Greer Slater, Bernd Frohmann
Publisher:Psychology Press - 1992


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