Losing Our Minds

Losing Our Minds

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Wouldn't it be a disgrace if we lost the brightest students now attending our nation's schools? Dr. Deborah L. Ruf establishes that there are far more highly gifted children than previously imagined, yet large numbers of very bright children are qnever discoveredq by their schools. Using 78 gifted and highly gifted children as her examples, she illustrates five levels of giftedness. Parents will be able to estimate which of the five levels of giftedness their child fits by comparing their own child's developmental milestones to those of the children described in the book. This book contains practical advice for parents, including how to find a school that works for your child. Book jacket.Gifted Children Left Behind Deborah L. Ruf 162 Losing Our Minds. Name SBLM Ratio IQ Test Age Years-Mo s. Other IQ Achievement Test Grade Equivalencies/ Percentiles Tests Colton Schultz 180 1 1-7 STS Placement Test IQ 138 At age 1anbsp;...

Title:Losing Our Minds
Author:Deborah L. Ruf
Publisher:Great Potential Press, Inc. - 2005


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