Luminescence and the Solid State

Luminescence and the Solid State

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Since the first date of publication of this book in 1991, the subject of phosphors and luminescence has assumed even more importance in the overall scheme of technological development. Many new types of displays have appeared which depend upon phosphors in their operation. Some of these were pure conjecture in 1991 but are a reality in 2004. Descriptions have been included of the newer (as well as the older) types of displays in this edition along with an annotated portrait of the phosphors used in each category. Many of these new light sources promise to displace and make obsolete our current light sources, such as incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and the ubiquitous colour Cathode Ray Tube now used in TV and computer monitors. The importance of solid state science are summarized in the introductory chapters of this edition, and many of the chapters have been completely rewritten or revised. Each chapter has a special contribution to make in the overall understanding of the solid state science of phosphors and luminescence. - Introduces the reader to the science and art of preparing inorganic luminescent materials. - Describes how and why luminescent materials exhibit such specific intrinsic properties. - Describes the science of the solid state and presents the exact formulas and conditions required to make all of the phosphors known at that time.The first color-TV tubes used a curved faceplate with a round tube construction of no more than 18aquot;. ... The innovation by Sony who introduced vertical stripes on the shadow mask, with accompanying phosphor lines, alleviated the problemanbsp;...

Title:Luminescence and the Solid State
Author:Richard C. Ropp
Publisher:Elsevier - 2004-05-06


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