Make Me

Make Me

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Stephen King calls Jack Reacher a€œthe coolest continuing series charactera€a€”and now hea€™s back in this masterly new thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Child. a€œWhy is this town called Mothera€™s Rest?a€ Thata€™s all Reacher wants to know. But no one will tell him. Ita€™s a tiny place hidden in a thousand square miles of wheat fields, with a railroad stop, and sullen and watchful people, and a worried woman named Michelle Chang, who mistakes him for someone else: her missing partner in a private investigation she thinks must have started small and then turned lethal. Reacher has no particular place to go, and all the time in the world to get there, and therea€™s something about Chang . . . so he teams up with her and starts to ask around. He thinks: How bad can this thing be? But before long hea€™s plunged into a desperate race through LA, Chicago, Phoenix, and San Francisco, and through the hidden parts of the internet, up against thugs and assassins every step of the waya€”right back to where he started, in Mothera€™s Rest, where he must confront the worst nightmare he could imagine. Walking away would have been easier. But as always, Reachera€™s rule is: If you want me to stop, youa€™re going to have to make me. Praise for #1 bestselling author Lee Child and his Jack Reacher series a€œReacher is the stuff of myth. . . . One of this centurya€™s most original, tantalizing pop-fiction heroes.a€a€”The Washington Post a€œ[A] feverishly thrilling series . . . with Child, you can always count on furious action.a€a€”The Miami Heralda€œIt felt like a club car, didna#39;t it? Like a golf cart at a resort. To take guests from one place to another. From reception ... with Keevera#39;s thing, or separate?a€ a€œConnected , obviously. At the motel the guy acted the same way as the spare-parts guy who anbsp;...

Title:Make Me
Author:Lee Child
Publisher:Delacorte Press - 2015-09-08


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