Make Your Own Kindle Book Covers

Make Your Own Kindle Book Covers

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But Ia€™m not a graphic artist, you say? Think you have to pay someone to make your E-Book graphics? Leta€™s get down to Earth here. You dona€™t need to be a graphic artist to make a very attractive E-Book Cover. You can make your own with the tools already on your computer desktop. You didna€™t hire a professional editor and you didna€™t hire a professional agent. Why hire someone to make your cover for you? Let me show you how. The two things you will need are Internet Explorer and a Word Program, such as Microsoft Word 2010 (ita€™s a good investment if youa€™re going to be writing for profit). Beyond these two software programs, you dona€™t need anything else except a color printer and a scanner. Let me show you how to make your own FREE Kindle book covers.Until you complete the entire paperback publishing process you wona#39;t be able to save the Kindle version of your cover, ... Using a slow seller will put that book out of circulation for about 5 days, but the only other alternative is to buy the coveranbsp;...

Title:Make Your Own Kindle Book Covers
Author:Robert Stetson
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-03-24


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