Making a Point

Making a Point

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Behind every punctuation mark lie a thousand stories. The punctuation of English, marked with occasional rationality, is founded on arbitrariness and littered with oddities. For a system of a few dozen marks it generates a disproportionate degree of uncertainty and passion, inspiring organisations like the Apostrophe Protection Society and sending enthusiasts, correction-pens in hand, in a crusade against error across the United States. Professor Crystal leads us through this minefield with characteristic wit, clarity and commonsense. He gives a fascinating account of the origin and progress of every kind of punctuation mark over one and a half millennia, and he offers sound advice on how punctuation may be used to meet the needs of every occasion and context.Here the incompleteness is a critical plot device, for if the victim had been able to finish his sentence, the story would have been over. Any interrogation scene is likely to use ellipsis dots, with interrogators posing leading and unfinished questions and interrogatees responding ... An example is the contrast between Save and Save As.. ... 140 characters: A comment on the latest horror story to come out of the KS2 grammar tests in the UK: 2013/09/onnot.

Title:Making a Point
Author:David Crystal
Publisher:Profile Books - 2015-09-17


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