Manifesto (Paperback)

Manifesto (Paperback)

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When Gabriel Danton gets a request from a local politician to investigate the disappearance of his wife he is thrown head first into a set of events that rapidly get out of control. Someone is out to stop him at all costs, threatening his own life and the lives of those around him...I pulled my hire car up with a jolt outside the Campbell mansion and sat for a moment with the window down. I had been schooled pretty quickly on how to drive a manual. Since getting my licence ... We spoke long into the night, playing with each othera#39;s fingers and gazing into one anothera#39;s eyes. She started to fill in some ... blues singer who played an acoustic set well into the early hours. Evelyn had loved every second and bought a CD off the guy on the way out. On the way home, anbsp;...

Title:Manifesto (Paperback)
Author:Sean Ferguson - 2012-03


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