Manly man manual

Manly man manual

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Everyone has a friend of whom they are, if they are honest, a little bit jealous. You know the type; that effortlessly funny mate who can plumb in his new bathroom as easily as chat up the most gorgeous girl in the bar (successfully), and who just oozes style, confidence and a certain je ne sais quoi edginess that means everybody loves him and thinks that he's just a really top bloke. All those funny anecdotes, all those congratulatory laughs, all the free beers...Now every man can become this kind of guy, with the help of qThe Manly Man Manualq, a brilliant new bumper book from Infinite Ideas, publishers of last years bestselling Christmas book for women, qGoddessq (978 1 904902 77 5). From how to put up a shelf, drink (and enjoy) real ale, and place a canny bet, to modern tips on personal grooming, style and pulling off the most audacious of blags, qThe Manly Man Manualq allows the reader access to the insider info that can help make an average chap into a really, really top bloke. With its insider advice from more than 25 authors, qThe Manly Man Manualq contains all the inspiration you need to be smarter, sexier, more charismatic and endlessly amusing. Back in the days when men were men, and women loved it, you needed a chest rug, a medallion and a Ford Cortina. In 2007, all you need is qThe Manly Man Manualq. Simply brilliant.

Title:Manly man manual
Author:Steve Shipside
Publisher:Infinite Ideas - 2007-10-22


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