Manufacturing in Real Time

Manufacturing in Real Time

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The development of self-operating machines is the foundation of modern manufacturing. The current manufacturing environment is based on automation and smart machines that have the ability tomake things with a level of accuracy and consistency that humans cannot match. In order to maximize efficiency, engineers and managers need to change their outlooks, processes and stragegies and as a result, adopt new mthods and management systems. This book presents a brief history of manufacturing and the changes in the current manufacturing environenment. Topics covered include supply chain management, product streams, the role of automation in the supply chain, the relationships between machines and people in automated product streams, variation and quality control, statistical process control, the flow of information in a supply chain and, how we are affected by new technologies. Examples are used throughout to demonstrate each idea and process. A CD with lectures, slides, tutorials and dynamic models is included.Ford In the early twentieth century, Henry Ford and Alfred Sloan improved and expanded the system of mass ... of argument, we will compare the Model T to todaya#39;s Ford Focus (please understand this is a loose comparison only). ... The model T was black, but you could paint it any color you wanted for a very small price in a local shop and add numerous accessories from aftermarket parts manufacturers.

Title:Manufacturing in Real Time
Author:Gian F. Frontini, Scott Kennedy, Scott L. Kennedy
Publisher:Butterworth-Heinemann - 2003


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