Many and Many a Year Ago

Many and Many a Year Ago

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Kemal Kuray is lucky to escape with his life after his beloved F-16 hurtles to the ground in a test flight. Convalescence comes in the form of a comfortable monthly allowance and an opulent apartment in a mysterious neighborhood of Istanbul, inexplicably left to him by an acquaintance in the Air Force. But therea€™s a price to pay. His Edgar Allen Poe-obsessed benefactor sets him on a wild goose chase from the back streets of Istanbul to the broad avenues of Buenos Aires, and finally to Poea€™s grave in Baltimore. But what exactly is Kemal searching for? Missing persons, yes, but therea€™s morea€“a€“he is looking for the embodiment of Poea€™s most famous poem, a€œAnnabel Leea€, a€œto love and be loved.a€... he said, a#39;Theya#39;re twice as valuable as the white ones, butif you lose money on a sale I can make up forit by supplying you with extras. ... We invited Shizoku to NewYork for Christmas of 1950. ... The melody pouring outof thatold instrument was a flameto kindle a new day. ... a€œWe walked toward Broadway, which was flowing like the Amazon, and I considered stretching out my hand for the forbidden fruit.

Title:Many and Many a Year Ago
Author:Selcuk Altun
Publisher:Saqi - 2012-01-16


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