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The book consists of two parts. The first part consists of seven chapters and presents a new software for package Maple of releases 6-10. The tools represented in this chapters increase the range and efficiency of use of Maple on Windows platform. The basic attention is devoted to additional tools created in the process of practical use and testing the Maple of releases 4 - 10 which by some parameters extend essentially the opportunities of the package and facilitate the work with it.Whereas the algorithms of physical and engineering problems of the second part mainly use the finite element method (FEM). The part consists of eight chapters and solves in Maple environment the physical and engineering problems from such fields as: thermal conductivity, mechanics of deformable bodies, theory of elasticity, hydrodynamics, hydromechanics, etc. At last, application of Maple for solution of optimization problems is presented.RedfernM., Betounes D. Mathematical Computing: An introduction to Programming Using Maple.- Berlin: ... Aladjev V.Z., Vaganov V.A., Grishin E.P. Additional functional facilities of the Mathematical Maple Package of releases 6 and 7.- Tallinn: ... Palo Alto: Fultus Publishing, 2004, ISBN 1-59682-015-2, Adobe Acrobat eBook (pdf) 241. Aladjev V. et al. ... Maple 8 Introductory Programming Guide.- Toronto:anbsp;...

Author:Victor Aladjev, Marijonas Bogdevicius
Publisher:Fultus Corporation - 2006


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