Mapping The Markets

Mapping The Markets

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How stockmarkets have behaved in the past and how to analyse their future behaviour. This book is about how to analyse the way markets are likely to behave and it combines the two approaches used by market analysts: technical analysis, which is based on the belief that price reflects everything that is known about a particular market; and fundamental analysis, which takes into account all kinds of factors in order to determine the correct price of an asset. It is in four parts: . A kind of global overview, at the heart of which is an examination of the business cycle, including how the 50-year Kondratieff, 10-year jugular and 4-year Kitchin waves fit together . How stockmarkets are affected by the cycles and seasonal and secular trends . How to identify sectors and stocks to invest in . Future stockmarket drivers - an analysis of some of the innovations, such as fuel cell technology, that will power the next upward leg of the cycleA Guide to Stockmarket Analysis Deborah Owen, Robin Griffiths ... 70 India 120a€“ 1 cars 82 demographic trends 71, 73a€“4, 78 industrialisation 62, 67a€“9 stockmarkets 103, 114a€“16 water shortage ... maps 27 technical analysis 33 Industrial Revolution 3, 12 industrialisation 61a€“9, 120a€“1 cars 82a€“3 China 61, 62a€“ 7, 108 cyclicalanbsp;...

Title:Mapping The Markets
Author:Deborah Owen, Robin Griffiths
Publisher:Profile Books - 2010-09-17


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