Maranatha: A Nora Kelly Novel

Maranatha: A Nora Kelly Novel

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Born again Christian Nora Kelly is warned to stop matching real world events to Tribulation prophecies. After Nora turns to 3-M and Haley, shea€™s attacked, a colleague is murdered, then shea€™s kidnapped and brainwashed by Triantologists, who coerce her to renounce Christ. After Nora is rescued from an armed bastion, psychiatrist Marilyn Swiss helps her recover, and Nora learns shea€™s caught up in a conflict conflating an ancient Greek cult-the KOTT, with Moses, the Mormons, Doc Holliday, Frank Sinatra, Don Rickles, and Marilyn Monroe. Nora then uncloaks a plot to discredit Christianity and Judaism, using a false claim that Revelationa€™s prophecy of 144, 000 Jews coming to Christ is untrue. Pursuing leads in Chicago and Atlanta, Noraa€™s team encounter assassins Flotilla and Duet, then deduce the deft hand of an old enemy-The Tracer. When Nora finally confronts a malevolence she deems Satanic, she must test her faith by deciding whether to turn the other cheek, or exact a violent retribution.NORA, HALEY, AND 3M had landed in a CIA jet at Hartsfield JacksonAtlanta International Airport, where a black Honda Pilot was waiting for them outside the Destiny Services hangar. ... I just look at whata#39;s on her plate, and I move up a size .

Title:Maranatha: A Nora Kelly Novel
Author:Larry M. Rosen
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-04-18


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