Marvelous Images : On Values and the Arts

Marvelous Images : On Values and the Arts

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The twelve essays by Kendall Walton in this volume address a broad range of theoretical issues concerning the arts. Many of them apply to the arts generally-to literature, theater, film, music, and the visual arts-but several focus primarily on pictorial representation or photography. In q'How Marvelous!': Toward a Theory of Aesthetic Valueq Walton introduces an innovative account of aesthetic value, and in this and other essays he explores relations between aesthetic value and values of other kinds, especially moral values. Two of the essays take on what has come to be called imaginative resistance-a cluster of puzzles that arise when works of fiction ask us to imagine or to accept as true in a fiction moral propositions that we find reprehensible in real life. qTransparent Picturesq, Walton's classic and controversial account of what is special about photographic pictures, is included, along with a new essay on a curious but rarely noticed feature of photographs and other still pictures-the fact that a depiction of a momentary state of an object in motion allows viewers to observe that state, in imagination, for an extended period of time. Two older essays round out the collection-another classic, qCategories of Artq, and a less well known essay, qStyle and the Products and Processes of Artq, which examines the role of appreciators' impressions of how a work of art came about, in understanding and appreciation. None of the reprinted essays is abridged, and new postscripts have been added to several of them.Others consider what is special about two important species ofdepictiona€” photography and still pictures (with emphasis on the fact that they are still). a€œ Pictures and Hobby Horses: Make-Believe beyond Childhood, a€ a lecture designed for general audiences, is an informal introduction ... I have included several postscripts to this essay clarifying features of my transparency claim that have sometimes beenanbsp;...

Title:Marvelous Images : On Values and the Arts
Author:Kendall Walton Charles Stevenson Collegiate Professor of Philosophy University of Michigan
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2008-03-26


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