Materials Chemistry

Materials Chemistry

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Our current technologically-advanced lifestyles are ever-dependent on advanced materials. In order to continue these developmental efforts to further improve our quality of life, a thorough knowledge of material structures, methods of synthesis, and characterization techniques is essential. However, more relevant to our civilization than incremental progressions in consumer products, radical technologies must be developed in order to address worldwide crises such as environmental pollution/greenhouse effect, dwindling petroleum reserves, and strengthening the homeland security of nations across the world. Materials Chemistry is the first textbook that describes the structure vs. property relationship of all major classes of materials. This book will be suitable for both graduate and advanced undergraduate students, as well as industrial scientists wishing to learn more about particular classes of materials. Many illustrations and detailed bibliographies are provided throughout, as well as special sections that describe emerging applications and pose thought-provoking questions -- all designed to foster student-instructor interactions. Laboratory modules that offer a qhands-onq approach for the study of materials are also provided.-A new expanded and updated edition of this book is expected Spring 2011- Winner of a 2008 Textbook Excellence Award from the Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA)!

Title:Materials Chemistry
Author:Bradley D. Fahlman
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2007


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