Matter and Interactions I

Matter and Interactions I

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The overall goal of this calculus-based text is to provide an introduction to physics with a modern point of view. It emphasizes the atomic nature of matter, macro-micro connections, and modeling complex physical systems. The approach is designed to go beyond low-level physics and to build upon readers' prior preparation. The first volume deals with mechanics and thermal physics in a unified way, with strong emphasis on atomic-level description and analysis. The ball-and-spring model of solids is a major theme, culminating in computing the specific heat as a function of temperature for an Einstein solid, using the concepts of statistical mechanics.HW.93 A baseball has a mass of 0.155 kg. A professional pitcher throws a baseball 90 miles per hour, which is 40 m/s. What is the magnitude of the momentum of the pitched baseball? 1.HW.94 The position of a golf ball relative to the teeanbsp;...

Title:Matter and Interactions I
Author:Ruth W. Chabay, Bruce A. Sherwood
Publisher:Wiley - 2007-01-03


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