Meditations of a Militant Moderate

Meditations of a Militant Moderate

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Vital center. Radical middle. Amid the red state/blue state divide, is there now space for an iconoclastic militant moderate? In this unusual and remarkably readable collection of short essays on a wide variety of hot-button public issues race, affirmative action, surrogate motherhood, diversity, immigration, compensation of 9/11 victims, exclusion of gays from the Boy Scouts and the military, the 2004 election, the rule of law in developing countries, the invasion of Iraq, and many more Yale Law School professor Peter Schuck reveals the distinctive sensibility and policy orientation of a militant moderate: pragmatic, reformist, non-ideological, empirically-minded, and skeptical of many liberal and conservative pieties.qAnother essay illuminating the rule of law in America takes on a perennially hot topic: gun control. Specifically, I examine the strategy of pursuing gun control through tort litigation seeking damages from gun manufacturers based on theories ofanbsp;...

Title:Meditations of a Militant Moderate
Author:Peter H. Schuck
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2006


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