Mentally Create Your Ideal Weight

Mentally Create Your Ideal Weight

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Mentally Create Your Ideal Weight is an indispensable manual for anyone seeking permanent, painless weight-loss. Author Lance Morton integrates and synthesizes the knowledge of literally hundreds of writers on the power of human thought. The author has created an owner's manual explaining with simplicity how our minds actually work. Formulating the basic principles of the new science and art of suggestion, Mr. Morton has written a hypnosis weight-loss book that goes well beyond hypnosis. Learn: Why diets don't work. What the media doesn't want you to know. The four basic principles of weight-loss. The seven highly effective habits of thin people. The three actions that you must take in order to lose weight. The two opposite realities that really drive all human behavior. Why imagination is stronger than willpower and how to use your imagination to make weight-loss enjoyable. A Law of Human Thinking that almost everyone uses to sabotage efforts to lose weight. Learn how to use this law to your advantage. The true pleasure of eating. (It's not what you think.) How habits are formed and how to condition new ones. How to make weight loss as automatic as breathing.I enjoy this mental exercise, and I enjoy accelerating my weight loss more and more each and every day. Habit 7. ... can be very helpful. Suggestion: As I follow my weight loss program, I begin to discover that I enjoy exercising my body. It feels so good to move my body rhythmically as I walk, or run, or swim, or do the treadmill, exercise bike, or (insert whatever type of exercise is most appealing to you).

Title:Mentally Create Your Ideal Weight
Author:Lance Morton
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-02-01


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