Messages from a Misfit

Messages from a Misfit

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Messages from a Misfit tells the story of Emily Wintersa€™ college debut through intimate emails sent to fellow misfit, Jacy Ryan. Profoundly unpopular amidst her new granola munching deadhead counterparts, Emily arrives on campus at the University of Vermont only to find herself with a case of hysterical laryngitis and a roommate who cana€™t stand her. As her college years progress, and her college majors change, so does Emily. Whether she is pondering the existence of an afterlife or coming to grips with a caffeine addiction, her friendship with Jacy keeps everything in perspective. With an irreverent, and at times humorously peculiar take on life, Emily will make you laugh out loud while she supervises volatile chemical reactions in lab, considers moving to a commune, and avoids lovesick campus security guards. So read on, and commiserate for, laugh at, and accept Emily for who she is. It may make you rethink the way you write email.hea#39;s very short. then there is this girl kim who wears her own lab coat and looks all pretentious. there is also a very flaky ... hmmmmm. . ...not sure if i like the sound of that. we had to buy a€œthe organic chem lab survival manuala€, which is a reallyanbsp;...

Title:Messages from a Misfit
Author:Elizabeth Andrews
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-09-01


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