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Microfranchising offers a thorough-going and impartial analysis of microfranchising, covering both practice and theory. . . The tome s well documented chapters provide an objective overview of the various aspects of microfranchising and outline its main characteristics. . . This book should be read by all those involved in, or concerned by, the fight against poverty who are looking for a complete overview of microfranchising. The various actors of the entrepreneurial world will also find much in the volume of interest to them. . . Academics will find well documented sources, complete with operational examples, which will help them to present action projects to their students. Microfranchising and, more generally, micro-entrepreneurship, represent a vast field of research that will be of great interest to scholars working in the field of entrepreneurship. Fairbourne, Gibson and Dyer s book not only offers a valuable introduction to micro-entrepreneurship , but demonstrates the human side of entrepreneurship as a whole. FrAcdAcric Demerens, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Microfranchising has clues and cautions to help create wealth and lift humanity from poverty by energizing communities, families and individuals to profit-making productivity in cooperation with guidance, education, and other resources from established businesses, financial institutions and philanthropists. Anyone interested in shrinking the bottom of the world s income and wealth pyramid to create real widespread sustainability and all the consequent social and health benefits should read this book. Joseph H. Astrachan, Kennesaw State University, US What do buying honey, renting mobile phones and fitting prescription glasses have in common? Answer: they are all activities that have expanded in low-income countries through microfranchising. This book brings together the ideas of researchers and social entrepreneurs at the heart of a movement to turn microfranchising into a mechanism for sustainable poverty reduction on a scale to match microfinance. A seductive mix of advocacy and realism, analysis and case-study provides readers with the ingredients to make up their own mind about the potential of microfranchising as a development tool. James G. Copestake, University of Bath, UK Poverty remains one of the most intractable problems in the developing world. Microfranchising offers great promise in alleviating poverty by aiding in the foundation of locally owned businesses. Microfranchising is defined as small businesses whose start-up costs are minimal and whose concepts and operations are easily replicated. It involves the systematizing of microenterprises to create and replicate turnkey businesses for the poor. With the awarding of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, attention has increased on this remarkable concept. This unique book provides an overview of the need to alleviate poverty and what methods have been used in the past to do so (e.g. microcredit). It then introduces the concept of the microfranchise and discusses how this business model can be used in poverty alleviation. Different models of microfranchising are reviewed and specific case studies highlighted to show how it has worked in different parts of the world. The book concludes with a discussion of the advantages as well as the potential problems and pitfalls that accompany microfranchising. This book is a must read for business scholars and economists, practitioners and lenders, members of NGOs dedicated to poverty alleviation and anyone else who is interested in learning about an innovative, business focused tool to alleviate poverty.Creating Wealth at the Bottom of the Pyramid Jason S. Fairbourne, Stephen W. Gibson, W. Gibb Dyer ... (a top-down franchise) a—‹ Business concept and management systems a€“ Operation manuals and systems specifications a€“ Definition and adherence ... the franchisee with all materials needed to operate the business, e.g., buckets, bicycle, medicament holders, floor washing machine, dust collector, etc.

Author:Jason S. Fairbourne, Stephen W. Gibson, W. Gibb Dyer
Publisher:Edward Elgar Publishing - 2007


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