Microprocessors Interfacing And Applications

Microprocessors Interfacing And Applications

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This Book Presents A Thorough Treatment Of Microprocessor Hardware And Software. The Various Concepts Have Been Explained In A Systematic And Integrated Manner So As To Develop A Clear And Comprehensive Understanding Of Microprocessor Technology.Beginning With The Fundamentals Of Digital Electronics, The Book Explains The Development And Evolution Of Various Microprocessor Generations. It Then Presents A Detailed Account Of Microprocessor Architecture, Followed By 8085 Instructions, Timing And Control And Programming. Memory Devices Are Then Thoroughly Explained, Followed By Data Transfer Schemes. The Books Then Discusses Various Contemporary Support Chips And Their Applications.Salient Features: * Numbering System, Review Of Decimal System, Binary Format, Data Organization, Shift And Rotates, Ascii Character Set Etc. Have Been Included In Chapter 1. * Detailed Discussion On Software Time Delay Has Been Incorporated In Chapter 6. * Memory Hierachy, Static And Dynamic Ram Cell Have Been Updated, Pin Outs Of Different Eproms Have Been Included In Chapter 7. * Electrical Characteristics Of Pit (8253/8254) And Programming Procedure For 8254 Have Been Included In Chapter 9. * Updating Of Data Bus Buffer, Irr And Isr, Command Word, Initialization Of Control Word, Table Summary For Initialization And Operation Of Control Word, Interfacing Etc. Have Been Done In Chapter 12.A Large Number Of Solved Examples Are Included Throughout The Text To Illustrate The Concepts And Techniques. Review And Objective Questions Are Also Included For Self Test.The Book Would Serve As An Excellent Text For Degree And Diploma Students Of Computer Science And Engineering And Electronics.This Book Presents A Thorough Treatment Of Microprocessor Hardware And Software.

Title:Microprocessors Interfacing And Applications
Author:Renu Singh
Publisher:New Age International - 2006-01-01


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