Military Maintenance for MB/Gpw Jeeps 1941-45

Military Maintenance for MB/Gpw Jeeps 1941-45

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Information regarding the preventative maintenance, modifications and repair of the World War Two vehicles--Willys MB and Ford GPW. Vehicles that helped the Allies win the war and remain cherised by veterans and collectors alike. This volume has articles on a wide variety of subjects including special features, air, petroleum a lubrications, electrical, maintenance, Sgt. Half-Mast, contributions, rumors, paint and tires. There's a ton of stuff in this volume--qModern design-a new 1/4 ton trailer, q qCare of stored vehicles, q qa new rifle bracket, q qThe Army's New Paint Systemq and many more. Like a discussion of the fuels and lubes used during WW2 and how much gear lube should go in a differential? You can check out an eighteen page, 5MB preview to get an idea of what the book is about.... ever complained of battery solution splashing out of the vent holes of Jeep batteriesa€” particularly when driving over rough terrain? ... The TB we predicted never broke into print, and now the engineers say, a€œDona#39;t Brazea€”use tape to close the exposed slot.a€ Forgive us? Dear Half-Mast, The instructions in the maintenance manual for Ford truck ... the bronze bushing for the tie-rod ends on a GMC would. fit in place of the roller bearings, and, after filing a slot in the inside and, drilling aanbsp;...

Title:Military Maintenance for MB/Gpw Jeeps 1941-45
Author:Robert Notman - 2005-06


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