Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces

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Jessiea€™s father has always been a missing piece of her lifea€”but if she were to find him, how would he feel about her? Jessie Wells thinks four is a good number. Things with four sides are sturdy and strong. A box, a chair, a room with four walls. But ever since the day Jessiea€™s dad left, Jessie, her mother, and Aunt Zis have been a trianglea€”three-sided, though solidly linked. Jessie has heard the story: Her beautiful young mother had married a prince who disappeared one day, so she had raised her daughter with the help of Aunt Zis. But lately, the picture in Jessiea€™s mind seems incomplete. Who is James Wells? she wonders. He must be more than just a deadbeat dad who deserted his wife and child, and Jessie is determined to find out, even if she has to call every Wells in the phone booka€”and there are a lot of them. But if Jessie finds her father and asks him all her questions, will she like the answers?But while I stood there, halffrozen, Jack walked over and said, as easily as if it was nothing, a€œHi, need some help?a€ a€œNo, a€ my father said. ... Honda, like ours, only a lot newer. I watched my father load the bags into the car, and I thought, Tight guy, hea#39;s suspicious when help is offered, and he wona#39;t say thanks. Jack looked over at me ... Jack stepped back. The engine turned over, and I calmly walked forward.

Title:Missing Pieces
Author:Norma Fox Mazer
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2015-06-16


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