Moan About Men

Moan About Men

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What is it about men that drives women to distraction? Could it be the way they flick to the footie results while you're trying to watch your favourite television programme? Is it their dogged inability to admit that they might - just might - be wrong? Or is it the infuriating way that they can meticulously order and maintain comprehensive record collections but can't quite find the time to rinse the sink after shaving? From unsightly splayed legs and headache-inducing snoring to the bathroom blight of poorly positioned pee and the horrors of man-flu, MOAN ABOUT MEN is a brilliantly funny take on all the things men do that make women weep with frustration - and also with mirth. In an amusing and all-encompassing rant, this is a chance to get it off your chest and dare to share in a life-affirming moan about men.Ita#39;s my personal belief that Ikea was invented by the devil himself, in order to cram as much chaos and misery as possible into a Sunday ... The whole point of flatpack furniture is that it should be simple to put together, is it not? ... Women will look at an instruction manual and think: a#39;Hmm, this manual is not very clear.

Title:Moan About Men
Author:Juliana Foster
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2009-05-03


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