Modelling the P-51 Mustang

Modelling the P-51 Mustang

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The North American P-51 Mustang had a humble genesis as a British request for single engine escort fighters but became, arguably, World War II's most important fighter aircraft. It had incredible endurance, fantastic maneuverability and excellent high-altitude performance, and served throughout World War II and beyond. This aircraft is one that holds a great deal of interest for many modellers around the world. This book takes the modeller from the aircraft's beginnings to the ultimate manifestation of this elegant and deadly bird, the F-82 G/H Twin Mustang. Special attention is paid to painting both both interiors and exteriors, with a wide range of different schemes used.At first, I had intended to use the cuffed blades included with the Ultracast spinner but I couldna#39;t get all four of them to a#39;de-warpa#39; to the same ... Because 1 used the latest release of this kit, I was fortunate enough to get the refined canopy created for this version. ... The best results came from spraying the edges that were to be glued together a light black colour and then using Tamiya ultra thin cement to ... The bond was very good and, to a decent extent, the black paint hid the glue line.

Title:Modelling the P-51 Mustang
Author:Stan Spooner
Publisher:Osprey Publishing - 2012-02-20


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