Molecular Detection of Human Viral Pathogens

Molecular Detection of Human Viral Pathogens

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Despite being recognized and fought against over countless centuries, human viral pathogens continue to cause major public health problems worldwidea€”killing millions of people and costing billions of dollars in medical care and lost productivity each year. With contributions from specialists in their respective areas of viral pathogen research, Molecular Detection of Human Viral Pathogens provides a reliable reference on molecular detection and identification of major human viral pathogens. Each chapter briefly reviews the classification, epidemiology, clinical features, and diagnosis of one related viral pathogen or a group of them. The clinical sample collection and preparation procedures are outlined, and a selection of representative stepwise molecular detection protocols is covered. The chapters conclude with a discussion on further research requirements relating to improved diagnosis. With its judicious selection of streamlined, ready-to-use protocols for major human viral pathogensa€”including commercial kitsa€”Molecular Detection of Human Viral Pathogens is an indispensable tool for medical, veterinary, and industrial laboratory scientists involved in virus determination.Set up the software (see the instruments resource user guide for more information) by choosing the correct thermocycler program. e. Perform a ... Always order the probe after the primer pair has Example: been optimized to minimize cost. b.

Title:Molecular Detection of Human Viral Pathogens
Author:Dongyou Liu
Publisher:CRC Press - 2012-10-05


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