Molecular Dissection of Complex Traits

Molecular Dissection of Complex Traits

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In the past 10 years, contemporary geneticists using new molecular tools have been able to resolve complex traits into individual genetic components and describe each such component in detail. Molecular Dissection of Complex Traits summarizes the state of the art in molecular analysis of complex traits (QTL mapping), placing new developments in this field within the context of their historical origins. Leading authorities address central themes in analysis of complex phenotypes, and case histories of important work in this burgeoning field are presented by the principal investigators. The book is divided into three sections:genetics have similarly identified genetic regions regulating important functions through the genetic dissection of ... and most genes of presumably known function have not been subjected to direct tests of their biological roles through loss of function- ... does not provide much more information in terms of fundamental biology than the traditional quantitative approaches. ... how those approaches can be integrated with each other will be important for the development of modern biology.

Title:Molecular Dissection of Complex Traits
Author:Andrew H. Paterson
Publisher:CRC Press - 1997-08-29


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