Motherhood, Religion, and Society in Medieval Europe, 400–1400

Motherhood, Religion, and Society in Medieval Europe, 400–1400

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This volume focuses on the paradox of motherhood in the European Middle Ages: to be a mother is at once to hold great power, and by the same token to be acutely vulnerable. The essays analyse the powers and the dangers of motherhood. Three main themes emerge: survival, agency, and institutionalization. The volume spans the Middle Ages, from late Roman North Africa through ninth-century Byzantium to late medieval Somerset, drawing in a range of historians, including textual scholars, literary critics, students of religion and economic historians.Essays Presented to Henrietta Leyser Dr Lesley Smith, Dr Conrad Leyser. Chapter 3 Dhuoda on Dreams Janet L. Nelson In recent years, Dhuodaa#39;s Handbook for her son William has become familiar to historians ... and consigned to a shelf marked a#39;spiritualitya#39;; welcome because it is recognized nowadays as the original work of an able writer with a ... in 1971 I chose the Handbook to make my contribution to an in-house lecture series at Kinga#39;s College London on medieval Latin texts, anbsp;...

Title:Motherhood, Religion, and Society in Medieval Europe, 400–1400
Author:Dr Lesley Smith, Dr Conrad Leyser
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. - 2013-07-28


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