Motivational Interviewing Children and Young People ||

Motivational Interviewing Children and Young People ||

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The publication is not a second edition of Motivational Interviewing: Theory, Practice and Application with Children and Young People (2009) - rather its is a continuation of. Those new to Motivational Interviewing will find the 2009 publication a more effective first port of call - as both the theory and practice of MI ( with multiple examples ) and the pivotal concept for 'rolling with resistance' are described in clear and simple terms. The 2014 publication builds on the 2009 publication as i) issues are identical and discussed: namely : - The relationship between Motivational Interviewing and the Transtheoretical Model - Professional Competency to Practice Motivational Interviewing - Motivational Interviewing and Evidence-Based Practice ii) Applications, both directly with children and young people and indirectly via Carers, Teachers and Parents, are described and discussed i.e to utilise MI to : - Promote Pupil Self-Esteem - Utilise MI in a Group situation - Utilise MI in a Family situation - Facilitate the Self-Management of Diabetes - Engage Teachers with MI Practices - Engage with LAC (Looked after Children) Staff iii) the Integration of MI with a number of therapeutic models of intervention is described, namely : - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ( CBT ) - Reality Therapy ( Based on Choice Theory ) - Solution Focused Approaches ( SFA )... Practice, 18(1), 16-27. Burke, B. L. (2011). What can motivational interviewing do for you? Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 18(1), 74-81. Crutchfield, L. B., aamp; Borders ... Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. Nottingham: DfESanbsp;...

Title:Motivational Interviewing Children and Young People ||
Author:Dr Edward McNamara
Publisher:Dr Edward Mcnamara - 2014-07-16


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