Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries

Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries

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A complete revision of the first edition, this book presents the most current concepts of chiropractic diagnostic workup, injury mechanisms, patient management, and prognosis of cervical and soft tissue injuries caused by automobile crashes. It is a comprehensive overview of all relevant issues facing clinicians in private practice. This edition includes five new chapters and includes real world examples that can be used in everyday practice. With an entire section devoted to automobile collision data, crash dynamics, and human tolerance and injury factors, it's extensively referenced from the clinical and automotive crash literature.The second edition contains 5 new chapters that cover:- Emerging concepts in treating chronic whiplash pain has been added to explore some of the newer forms of treating the chronic patient.- Crash speeds and injury risk. This chapter is unique in that it explores various international publications that evaluate the risk. Attempts to dispel myths about crash speeds and gives a forensic overview of the application of these studies.- Have split the original chapter on injury mechanisms into 4 chapters in the second edition. Chapter 15 focuses specifically into the arena of general applications of biomechanics relating to automobile crashes. Chapters 16-18 provide individual chapters on frontal, side, and rear crash biomechanics. These chapters explore the individual complexities of the varying types of crashes.- Human factors that influence injury and recovery has been added as a separate chapter to provide more detailed information to the clinician.In addition, the authors have focused on adding more information about the sensitivity and specificity of various orthopedic and neurological tests, and have further explored the types of conditions that chiropractors treat.To view the list of contributors to this edition, click on the additional information button below.Christopher J. Centeno, MDCo-Editor-The Journal of Whiplash and Related DisordersBoard Certified Physical Medicine and RehabilitationBoard Certified Anesthesia Pain ManagementMedical Director-The Spine Injury FoundationCharles Davis, DC, DAAPM, CCSTMichael D. Freeman, PhD, DC, MPHForensic Trauma EpidemiologistDepartment of Public Health a Preventive MedicineOregon Health a Science University School of MedicineJay A. Kaiser, MDMedical DirectorNational Orthopedic Imaging AssociatesGerald P. Keane, MDPhysiatry Medical Group/SOARVoluntary Clinical Assistant Professor Stanford University School of MedicineDaniel J. Murphy, DCFaculty Life Chiropractic College WestDiplomate American Board of Chiropractic OrthopedistsRichard Nolan, MDDamon C. Sacco, MDMedical DirectorNatiTable 18a€“3 is an overview of the repair amounts associated with 5-mph barrier tests of frontal and rearend crashes. ... barrier flat barrier angle barrier FOrd F- 150 PU 2004 $979 $1, 606 $1, 286 Ford FreeStar Van 2004 $191 $513 $1, 239 Kia Sorento SUV 2003 ... $243 $384 $723 Saturn SL2 2000 $0 $138 $390 Volvo S80 2000 $5, 137 $347 $1, 028 Isuzu Trooper SUV 2000 $2, 890 $2, 618 $2, 333 Hondaanbsp;...

Title:Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries
Author:Larry S. Nordhoff
Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Learning - 2005


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