MWP 2003

MWP 2003

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... with long optical waveguide that can also handle high optical power. lntra-Step -Barrier Quantum Well The basic operation of IQW ... IQW with an lnGaAs (Eg= 0.75 eV) well, InGaAsP barriers (E8 = l.08 eV), and an lnGaAsP (E5 =ll.77 to 0.89 eV) intra-step-barrier ... At zero electric field, it is seen that (Fig. la) the heavy hole is more tightly confined in the well than the electron is. ... As the electric field is increased, the electron energy level decreases in a.manner typical of the Stark shift.

Title:MWP 2003
Author:Institution of Electrical Engineers, Magyar Tudományos Akadémia
Publisher:Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers(IEEE) - 2003-01-01


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